Global Markets Group Limited

Live Account Registration Submitted

Thank you for submitting your trading application with Global Markets Group Limited.

Next, please upload your ID documentation following either of these steps:

1) Login to: to upload. Your user name is your email address and password is the one you selected on your application.

2) Email an ID and Proof of Residence to our on-boarding team at

We will let you know if we require any further information to proceed to a live trading account.

If you have any questions please call: +44 (0) 203 8653306.

Documents required to complete your application

– Copy of a valid passport, national ID card or photocard driving license.

– Copy of a household register, property right certificate or recently dated (within 4 months) utility bill or bank statement. Please note that online bills or statements printed off the internet are not acceptable.

– Documents should be clear, in color and copies of both the front and back of any card should be provided.

– If you are unable to provide the documents requested, please contact Client Services to discuss possible alternatives.